The staff of our detective agency providing detective services to citizens, businesses and organizations. We are looking for debtors and fraud. Searching missing persons, wanted persons, who have lost relatives and friends, the search of the stolen property, collecting a range of confidential information, the collection and analyzing information about criminal and civil cases, as well as provide legal and consultancy services in the field of personal safety and economic security companies and organizations.

It does not matter what is your a problem, you have found detective agency that can help you!

Our customers are turning to us, they know that they have entrusted their problems to one of the best detective agency of Russia!

When the fear of infidelity becomes spouse, you need answers. We understand that apply to private detective to check your loved one is difficult, but to live with the fear and uncertainty is even worse. Not only will our investigators gather evidence that will confirm or deny your doubts. We will do so carefully and efficiently to minimize your fears.

Help in making the right decision in hiring, to gather information on the opponent for a lawsuit, or if you have a need to know something about someone in your life (nanny, home worker, new boyfriend / girlfriend, a possible business partner, etc.), we will help to get the information you need. You have to take the right decisions. When it is really necessary, you cannot rely on a simple Internet search to get the information you need. When you will need the necessary information, please contact Detective Agency Klimin and Partners, an experienced private investigator to protect your interests.

With overcrowded system of litigation and the lack of real and effective investigative techniques to locate and place of work of a careless parent who does not want to pay child support, Detective Agency Klimin and Partners will provide your assistance in finding a negligent parent.

Other tests may include a search of the assets, movable and immovable property, locate people, the presence of registered applications and much more. No matter what ails you, we await your call today to discuss how we can help you, with strictly observe confidentiality.

What makes us the best choice to be your private investigator?

Simply put, we have the proof for you, legally, ethically and at competitive prices. Most of private investigators - former law enforcement officers, Detective Agency Klimin & Partners - has a well-trained team of experienced investigators who use the best tools in their work. We will not take your case unless we are confident we can do it in full. Once we take your case, we will have all the necessary research to effectively and professionally, always set them aim to satisfy your needs.

If your case is in the area where we are not able to provide you service, we advise you to a private investigator or other expert, we know someone who can help you in this area.We also understand that the prospect of hiring a private investigator may be uncomfortable for some people. You have our guarantee that no matter what is your situation, we have to listen to you and give you a detailed explanation of how we can help you. Consultation with a private investigator in most cases free and strictly confidential.

Private detective

In the course of their work is based on the observance of constitutional rights, the rule of law in countries which are Detective Services. We provide only accurate information and guarantee the confidentiality of services performed.

International Agency private investigations Klimin & Partners has been operating since 2004