Surveillance of a person or object
Observation - a package of measures, also known as shadowing, is one of the most popular services of detective agencies.

There is no more effective method of obtaining reliable information about the object than surveillance. Most often with the help of surveillance customer wants to find out whether there is a betrayal of his wife, a cheating husband, business partner betrayal, deceit of any kind.

Keep in mind that surveillance - a kind of \\\\\\\"extreme measure\\\\\\\" which applies when there is no other way to learn the truth. This service is not cheap, because it requires an exceptional detective skills, attention and care.

The more detailed information about the object will be to provide the customer before the start of surveillance, the easier it will be working professionals, and the faster the client will receive answers to their questions.


For the layman to calculate surveillance - not an easy task. But what if the feeling of constant surveillance is not leaving? Or you suspect that you actually installed for surveillance?

I will help you establish the fact of surveillance and monitoring customer and performer

I will help you to solve non-trivial task - how to calculate a person who watches over you. In this case, to obtain an advantage over opponents, it is important to clarify and not to be disclosed. All of this only by professionals.
For effective surveillance and detection of concealed recommended kontrnablyudenie, that is monitoring the monitors side (of the temporary settlements, located on sections of the route of the observed object) The fact that the team monitoring will likely look in the eyes of the observed object and its protection is quite naturally. But from the perspective of outside observers, such teams can look extremely inadequate. Even attempts to hide from the eyes at the turn of the last may be invisible to the object itself, but being with him and knowing what to look for people calculate them. Therefore kontrnablyudenie gives an opportunity to identify the fact of surveillance, to determine the composition of its performers, and perhaps the customer (which should be monitored for spies since the end of spying on their way to the office or to the place of residence).

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