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Regardless of time of day and day of the week I always connected and ready to help you right now ... In order to determine what services are needed detective for you check out the ┬źServices of Private Detective┬╗. If you know exactly which service you require, then do not waste your time, please call me at +7 (917) 45-91-995, or contact me in any way convenient for you ... You just call me , I do everything else...
I\\\'m not tell a long story that I can, my best advice is work in different regions of Russia,by tracing people (missing persons, debtors, fraud, unfair business partners), collect information on individuals and entities, and other detective services. I have high qualifications and work experience (including law enforcement agencies) in providing detective services . In the course of work, private detectives based on current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Basic principles for the provision of services to my detective Detective Agency - it\\\'s efficiency, professionalism and absolute confidentiality.

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International Detective Agency Klimin & Partners

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