Gathering information

International Detective Agency Klimin & Partners provides its services to individuals and legal entities on a fee basis. The following list does not cover the whole range of services. If you came to this page, and view a list provided by the detective services, please do not waste time and call me by phone: +7 (917) 45-91-995, or contact me another convenient way for you, I\\\'ll give a detailed commentary on each item of service and skalkuliruyu prices. You will be able to assess my ability and professionalism. I practice individual approach to each customer and full confidentiality.

Resolution of other complex situations on an individual basis
civic relations

Gathering information about the object, checking passports and biographical data, information on various databases and much more;
Surveillance of pedestrian and vehicle;
Photo and video surveillance;
Identification kontrnablyudeniya;
Checking of premises and vehicles for the presence of eavesdropping and spying devices;
Searching for hiding people, missing persons, debtors, swindlers;
Searching for property and money;
Checking alibis, advice on building an alibi;
Information about the subscriber;

Business relationship. Business. Selection and testing of new employees

Collection and analysis of information on natural and legal persons;
Definition of communication;
Verification of business partners, the identification of espionage, unfair competition;
verification of candidates for employment, clarify lifestyle, check connections in government

and competing firms, check previous places of work, identifying reasons for dismissal;
Observation of staff in order to prevent and detect fraud, theft, embezzlement;
Gathering information about the organization of its counterparties (dealers, suppliers, etc.);
The study of information about the organization of official sources (directories, Internet, media and other databases

Open access), check the premises for the presence of eavesdropping and spying devices;

International Detective Agency Klimin & Partners

provides credit, financial and other institutions and organizations to verify the identity service at the conclusion of the credit, collateral and other contracts. .

For credit institutions - credit institutions when providing loans for purchasing a car, mortgage and lending to SMEs.

For organizations otpuskayuschix goods on credit - work on the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

At work we use all possible legal methods of inspection, including travel to the residence of the borrower.

Identification of solvency;
Real Estate;
Check the buyer or the seller;
Check the registration of real estate transactions;
Authentication and identity documents;
Legal support;
legal advice;
selection of qualified lawyers

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