Family matters

Adultery (fornication)

You suspect that your spouse is wrong you?! And want to know the truth!? Your suspicions may be unfounded. In this situation, you can help scrupulous private detective. An experienced specialist will conduct all the necessary arrangements. Observation of spouse, prvedenie series of special events in providing the necessary materials. A private detective will make identification of the observed contact person to leave a place of rest or her spouse, holding other events of a personal nature. These events will allow to establish the presence or absence of adultery. Detection of betrayal of a spouse is always different. To determine the price for this service private investigator to ask you some questions during a personal meeting. I suggest you neskolko solutions to this situation ....

Collecting personal information on the person of your

Check the information about objects that interest you, you will help an experienced private detective. With my help you will receive all necessary information about objects that interest you. I have to be a number of measures, including: identification of personal contact, describing the collection of materials, the establishment of places of work, establish residence, leisure facilities, the availability of personal and movable property, communications, and much more ...

Helping parents suspect their children in the use of narcotic and psychotropic substances

Do you suspect that your child got into bad company, is using drugs or psychotropic substances?! I will help you confirm or deny this information. Experienced experts will establish social circle your childs place of its leisure and installs those involving your child in the use of narcotic and psychotropic substances. Great experience professionalny private investigator to help determine the appearance and behavior of your child, whether he uses drugs or psychotropic substances ...

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